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Սյլվիա ‏ 🌸👅🌸 Armenian/ ♌ /Tattoos/ Piercings/ Music/ Photography/ Hobby includes miso ramen pilgrimages/ 🔮/ Nature/ ☆ 🔯 🐶🍜🍁✨☕
maybe I'm a lion

gamer girl, trance, movie enthusiast, tarot cards, astrology, minerals, astronomy, Japan, flowers, nature, karaoke, glitter, pink, reading, anime, vintage video games, space black nailpolish, long hair, music, stars cooking/baking, manga, autumn, pumps, photography, ripped jeans, winter, cold nights, black eyeliner, tattoos, lotus flowers, video games,nail art, hanging out at the diner piercings, makeup, candles, accessories, coffee, stoggie pleasure, sparkles, singing, loud music, rings, foreign movies, sexy, and dirty things